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D - Other Writers

Peter Dagmar
"Once In Time" (nv)
© Digit Books, 1963

Brian Daley
"Jinx On A Terran Inheritance" (nv)
(Hobart Floyt & Alacrity Fitzhugh)
© 1985, Del Rey Books
--/ cool space sf novel
--/ adventure award

Brian Daley
"Tron" (nv)
© 1982, Del Rey Books
--/ third place cyber sf novel
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ adventure award


Mark Z. Danielewski
"House of Leaves"

© 2000, Random House
--novel : 2000 Bram Stoker Award
--first novel : 2000 Int. Horror Guild Award
--first novel : 2001 Locus Poll
--novel : 2001 British Fantasy Award

"House of Leaves" is not a book, it's an experience. Mark Z. Danielewski grabs your attention, distorts your reality, makes you question your own sanity, then leaves you spent, disoriented and not quite the same as when you started this novel.

It opens with a brooding, inventive and unreliable narrator Johnny Truant. Johnny brings us along as he discovers a trunk of papers inside the apartment of a recently deceased man, Zampano, who died under suspicious circumstances. The trunk contains Zampano's collection and commentary of academic dissections of a documentary film, the Navidson Record. The Navidson Record is the axis of the story-within-a-story-within-a-story framework of the book, and documents the increasingly surreal and quietly horrific experience of a family who comes home to find a door that hadn't existed before. As Johnny reads through the papers and commentary he finds that Zampano, and perhaps he himself, is losing his grip on sanity as his obsession with the house grows deeper and deeper.

The storyline of "House of Leaves" is only a piece of the overall experience. The book's structure lends an additional layer of depth to this literary collage. The labyrinthine narrative is framed by an equally dizzying array of footnotes, lists and lists of names, texts that need to be decoded, texts that wind around the page... all of which are riddled with bland passages of intense academic discourse. Although some would argue that the layout of the book is pretentious and ostentatious, I think it's a necessary part of the overall artwork. "House of Leaves" is not an easy book to read, but it's worth the experience.

The book contains a large appendix which needs to be read thoroughly in order to get as much sense of the story as possible. This book is really like a collage, and like a collage, you can't look at each individual piece... you have to look at how all the pieces fit together. If you can make it through the layers of stories, ivory tower discourses, chaotic layout and haunting images, then take a step back and look again. I get the feeling the book will mean something different to you than it did to me.
Review by Deanna Josephson


David R. Daniels
"The Far Way"
© Astounding Stories, Jul 1935
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

Pretty cool tale of a guy, who falls into a time abyss, sporadically intersected with fourth dimensional planes - which stretches him along the craziest cosmological lines, and makes him thoroughly confused. I wonder why.


David R. Daniels
"Into the Depths"

© Astounding, Jun 1935
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

I can read such stories by the dozen, not tiring a bit: a gradual descent into unknown ocean depths, many kilometers of weird darkness and monsters... with stars and planets at the end... what?! Well, don't ask, really crazy idea, I know.
review: 25-Dec-07 (read in 2007)


David R. Daniels
© Astounding Stories, May 1935
--/ cool sf story

Very normal, but not bad - even emotional. Two marooned spacemen debate should they go on to the stars; being in a hopeless situation, they choose exploring over slow death.
review: 09-Aug-06 (read in 2005)


Alan Danzig
"The Great Nebraska Sea"
© Galaxy, Aug 1963

Arsen Darnay
"Salty's Sweep"
© Stellar # 3, 1977
--/ cool sf story

Grania Davis
"My Head's in a Different Place, Now"
© Universe # 2, 1972

Grania Davis
"The Songs the Anemone Sing"
© Universe 1, ed. R. Silverberg, 1990
--/ cool sf story

Hank Davis
"Squatter's Rights"
© IF, Mar 1968
--/ cool sf story
--/ humour award

John Massie Davis
© Imagination, Oct 1953

Robert L. Davis
© IF, Dec 1972
--/ fourth place space sf story
--/ wonder award

Walter C. DeBill
"In Ygiroth"
© Nameless Places, 1975

Camilla DeCarnin
"The Book of Time"
© Writers of the Future # 2, 1986
--/ cool sf story

Robert F. Decker
"The Big Fix"
© Microcosmic Tales, ed. I. Asimov, 1980
--/ cool sf story
--/ humour award


Jon DeCles
"The Picture Window"
© F&SF, Oct 1966
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award

Very quaint & stylish story - true conneseuirs of art will have experienced the power that an extraordinary painting can hold over the sense of space and time; it's possible to spend hours in Hermitage, taken captive by only a few old Dutch masters' landscapes... Typical high-class F&SF story.
review: 30-Jan-08 (read in 1988)


John & Dorothy DeCourcy
"The Night Has A Thousand Eyes"
© Planet Stories, Win 1949

Stephen Dedman
"The Devotee"
© Eidolon # 30, 2000
--sf short story : 2001 Aurealis
--short story : 2001 Ditmar W

--/ cool sf novella
--/ shock value

Frances M. Deegan
"Gallery of Glacial Doom"
© Amazing Stories, Dec 1945
--/ rare find

Frances M. Deegan
"The Master Key"
© Fantastic Adventures, Mar 1952

Frances M. Deegan
"Murder On Mars"
© Amazing Stories, Apr 1952

Tom DeHaven
"Walker of Worlds" (nv)
(Chronicles of the King's Tramp 1)
© 1990, Bantam Spectra
--/ cool sf novel

Walter de la Mare
"A: B: O."
(as by Walter Ramal)
© The Cornhill Magazine, 1896

Paul Dellinger
"2001: A Love Story"
© Microcosmic Tales, ed. I. Asimov, 1980
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

William DeLisle
"When Darkness Came"
© 1941, Amazing Stories
--/ cool sf story

Valeri Demin
"Trinadcaty Opyt"
© NF - 14, Znanie, 1974

Valeri Demin
"Uschelie Pechalnogo Drakona"
© Fantastika-81, 1981
--/ cool sf novella
--/ adventure award
--/ rare find

Michelle Demut
"Chuzhoe Leto"
© Iskatel, 1971
Mir Iskatelya, 1973
trans. from French
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Bradley Denton
"Rerun Roy, Donna, And The Freak"
© F&SF, Oct 1991

Reed DeRouen
"Split Image" (nv)
© 1955, Wingate Books
also - 1963, Digit Books

Graeme DeTimms
"Three Quarters" (nv)
© 1963, Digit Books
--/ fourth place apocalyptic sf novel
--/ adventure award
--/ shock value
--/ rare find

A. J. Deutsch
"A Subway Named Mobius"
© Astounding, Dec 1950
--short story : 2001 Retro Hugo
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award

Charles V. De Vet
"Track Of The Beast"
© Other Worlds, 1953

Charles V. De Vet
"Infinity's Child"
© IF, May 1952

Charles V. De Vet
"Protective Camouflage"
© Science Fiction Stories, May 1955
--/ cool sf story

Nicholas DiChario
"The Power of Love"
© F&SF, Sep 1991
--/ cool sf story

Peter Dickinson
"Mermaid Song"
© Water: Tales of Elemental
Spirits, ed. P. Dickinson, 2002

Charles W. Diffin
"The Power And The Glory"
© Astounding, Jul 1930

Charles W. Diffin
"Spawn Of The Stars"
© Astounding Stories, Feb 1930
--Groff Conklin' story selection
--/ cool alien invasion sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ awesome scale
--/ rare find

Anthony Doerr
"The Hunter's Wife"
© The Shell Collector, 2001
also in - Atlantic Monthly, Sep 2001
--short story : 2002 O'Henry Award W
--/ cool f story
--/ style award

Anton Donev
"Almazny Dym"
© Biblioteka Sovr. Fantastiki, 1972
trans. from Bulgarian
--/ cool sf story

Anton Donev
"K Novym Gorizontam"
© Inostrannaya Literatura, 1966
trans. from Bulgarian

Anton Donev
"Nesovershennaya Konstrukciya"
© Inostrannaya Literatura, 1966
trans. from Bulgarian
--/ cool sf story
--/ humour award
--/ rare find

Anton Donev
© Chelovek, Kotory Ischet, 1964
trans. from Bulgarian

Marcos Donnelly
"Unknown Variable"
© Universe 1, ed. R. Silverberg, 1991
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award

Sonya Dorman
"Go, Go, Go Said The Bird"
© 1967, Dangerous Visions
--/ cool sf story
--/ style award

Sonya Dorman
"Lunatic Assignment"
© F&SF, Jan 1968

Sonya Dorman
"When I was Miss Dow"
© Galaxy, Jun 1966
--story: Best SF 1968 list
--retrospective Tiptree short list : 1996 Tiptree

--/ cool sf story
--/ style award

Hal Draper
"Ms Fnd in a Lbry"
© F&SF, Dec 1961

Igor Druchin
© Fantastika - 77, 1977


Garen Drussai
"Woman's Work"
© F&SF, Aug 1956
--/ third place sf story
--/ idea award: marketers
--/ humour award
--/ style award
--/ rare find

Improbable find! A writer unknown to me, a name I have not seen mentioned anywhere in SF - and a story to die for. There is just no better treatment of the "future of spam and door-to-door sales" than in this sizzling gem. The irony of the main idea (concentrated in just over three pages) strikes amazingly close to home, as our telemarketer-saturated, spam-blighted existence clearly testifies. A well-to-do couple in an "american dream" suburb have to turn themselves into veritable soldiers to effectively battle and say "No" to sales guys and their high-tech pitches. Using emotional and psycho-enhancements is the norm in "cultivating" prospective clients, so an average housewife has to shield her mind by even more advanced methods and beat them at their own game. I have to admit, I was simply blown away by the story, and the intensity of its writing. Bravo.
review: 23-Jul-06 (read in 2006)


Dave Dryfoos
"Uniform Of A Man"
© IF, Mar 1954

Dave Dryfoos
"Younger By The Minute"
© Fantastic Story, 1954
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

Aelita Dubaeva
"Posledni Glotok"
© Fantastika - 83, 1983
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Aelita Dubaeva
"Poteryavshi Orbitu"
© Fantastika - 81, 1981
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

Tananarive Due
"Patient Zero"
© F&SF, Apr 2000
--short story : 2001 Locus /13
--/ fourth place apocalyptic sf story
--/ style award
--/ emotion award

Steve Duffy
(and Ian Rodwell)
"The Penny Drops"
© Ghosts And Scholars # 30, 2000
--short story : 2001 Locus Poll

Jerry Dunham
"Moonlight And Robots"
© Imagination, May 1955

J. R. Dunn
"The Names Of All The Spirits"
© Sci Fiction, Jul 2002
--novelette : 2003 Locus Poll
--/ cool space sf story
--/ wonder award

J. R. Dunn
© Sci Fiction, Dec 2003

Jean-Claude Dunyach
"Unravelling the Thread"
© Interzone, Jul 1998
--fiction : 1999 Interzone Poll W
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award
--/ style award

John Duthie
"Electrolythic Onslaught"
© Astounding Stories, 1935

Zbignev Dvorak
(with Roman Danak)
"Stranny Padayuschi Kamen"
© Vokrug Svet, 1980
trans. from Polish

Ilya Dzerekarov
"Neobyavlennaya Vstrecha"
© Teknika Molodezhi, 1981
trans. from Bulgarian
--/ cool sf story


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