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F - Other Writers

Marek Robert Falzmann
"Raskazhi Mne O Padayuschih Zvezdah"
© Teknika Molodezhi, 1981
trans. from Polish
--/ cool space sf story
--/ adventure award
--/ emotion award
--/ rare find

John Farris
"The Fury" (nv)
© 1978, Popular Library
--/ cool dark f novel
--/ shock value

John Farris
"Nightfall" (nv)
© 1987, Tor Books


John Farris
"Wildwood" (nv)
© 1986, Tor Books
--/ fourth place dark f novel
--/ wonder award
--/ emotion award
--/ shock value

Superior fantasy horror novel, much better than most recent offerings. Highly recommended. It is the story of a densely wooded land near the Smoky Mountains called Wildwood. It is a place where twisted creatures, part animal and part man, roam; both beautiful and terrifying. Maybe even the best novel in exploring dark possibilities of the obscure woods.
review: 07-Jul-06 (read in 1986)


Cynthia Felice
"David and Lindy"
© Universe # 8, 1978

Henry Gregor Felsen
"The Spaceman Cometh"
© F&SF, Apr 1956

Frank Fenton
(with Joseph Petracca)
"Tolliver's Travels"
© New Tales Of Space And Time,
ed. R. Healy, 1951

Konrad Fialkovski
"Nulevoe Reshenie"
© Iskatel, 1965
trans. from Polish

Evgeni Filenko
"Passazhirski Lainer"
© Vokrug Sveta, 1981
--/ cool space sf story
--/ rare find

Burt K. Filer
© F&SF, Jun 1968
--story : Best SF 1969
--/ cool time sf story
--/ wonder award: swapping bodies

Burt K. Filer
"Eye Of The Beholder"
© Again, Dangerous Visions, 1972
russ. translation, 1979

Sheila Finch
"Out of the Mouths"
(Lingster series)
© F&SF, Dec 1996
--novelette : 1997 Locus /19

Charles Coleman Finlay
"The Political Officer"
© F&SF, Apr 2002
--novella : 2003 Hugo
--novella : 2003 Nebula
--novella : 2003 Locus /11

--/ cool sf novella

Charles G. Finney
"The Circus Of Dr. Lao"
© 1935, Viking Press
--/ cool f novella

Michael Fisher
© Science Fiction Plus, Dec 1935

Philip M. Fisher
"The Devil of the Western Sea"
© Munsey's, May 1922
Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Apr 1940

--/ cool time sf story :
steamship / spanish armada sea encounter

--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Philip M. Fisher
"Fungus Isle"
© Argosy All-Story Weekly, Oct 1923
Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Oct 1940
--/ third place sf novella
--/ wonder award: fungus forest
--/ adventure award: castaways
--/ shock value
--/ idea: prehistoric mushroom spores
--/ awesome scale
--/ rare find


Marina Fitch
"They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships"
© Writers of the Future # 2, 1986

L. Ron Hubbards' only worth-while contribution to the SF world ( note I am being facetious here) - establishing the competition for new writers - is actually a fun reading experience. Some great names came out of a couple of early issues, including Robert Reed and David Zindell. Marina Fitch submitted a lyrical, subdued story, a crowd-pleaser, but did not win anything. She proved though that she is a name to watch.
review: 31-Aug-06 (read in 1991)


Russel Fitzgerald
"The Last Supper"
© Quark #2, ed. S. Delaney, 1971
--/ cool f story
--/ style award
--/ shock value
--/ rare find

G. T. Fleming-Roberts
"The Golden Barrier" (nv)
© Thrilling Wonder Stories, Dec 1940
--/ cool sf novella
--/ rare find

G. T. Fleming-Roberts
"The Shrieking Pool"
© Mystery Novels, Feb 1936

Homer Eon Flint
(with Austin Hall)
"The Blind Spot" (nv)
(Blind Spot series)
© Argosy All-Story Weekly, May 1921
Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Apr 1940

novel: Ace Books, 1959
--classic parallel worlds novel
--/ wonder award
--/ awesome scale

George Florance-Guthridge
(with Steve Perry)
"Johnny Beer Cans"
© IASFM, Sep 1981
--/ cool sf story

George Florance-Guthridge
"The Quiet"
© F&SF, Jul 1981
--short story : 1982 Hugo
--short story : 1982 Nebula
--short story : 1982 Locus /8

George Florance-Guthridge
(with Dianne Thompson)
© IASFM, Aug 1982
--/ cool sf story

Verge Foray
"The Creatures Of Man"
© IF, May 1968
--/ cool sf story

John M. Ford
"The Dark Companion"
© IASFM, Sep 1981
From the End of the 20th Century, 1997

John M. Ford
"In The Days Of The Comet"
© Nature Magazine, 2000

John M. Ford
"Shelter From The Storm"
© IASFM, Jul 1982

John M. Ford
"Waiting for the Morning Bird"
© IASFM, Nov 1981
From the End of the 20th Century, 1997

Richard Ford
"Quest For The Faradawn" (nv)
© 1982, Gollancz
--/ third place f novel
--/ wonder award
--/ adventure award

Lelia Rose Foreman
© Orbit # 21, 1980
--/ cool sf story

Edward Forster
"The Celestial Omnibus"
© Albany Review, Jan 1908
Fantastic, Nov/Dec 1952

M. A. Foster
"The Day Of The Klesh" (nv)
(Klesh Series 3)
© DAW Books, 1979
--sf novel : 1980 Locus /23

Christopher Fowler
"Crocodile Lady"
© Crimewave # 5, 2001
--short story : 2002 Locus Poll

Christopher Fowler
(with Pat Cadigan)
"Freeing The Angels"
(Trader Vic series)
© SciFiction, May 2000
--/ cool sf story

Christopher Fowler
"The Green Man"
© The Third Alternative # 31, 2002
--short fiction : 2003 Stoker
--/ cool f story

Andrew Fox
"The Man Who Would Be Kong"
© Sci Fiction, Nov 2005

Janet Fox
"Demon and Demoiselle"
(Arcana series)
© Fantastic, Oct 1978

Bruce Francis
"The Inheritance"
(Bradbury's World series)
(sequel to "The Lake" Bradbury story)
© The Bradbury Chronicles, ed. by W. Nolan, 1991
--/ cool dark f story
--/ wonder award

Herbert F. Franke
"The Orchid Cage" (nv)
© Iskatel, 1984
trans. to Russian
trans. from German
--/ fourth place sf novella
--/ wonder award
--/ adventure award
--/ rare find

Donald Franson
"The Package Deal"
© Microcosmic Tales, ed. I. Asimov, 1980
--/ cool time sf story

Donald Franson
"Shell Shock"
© Microcosmic Tales, ed. I. Asimov, 1980
--/ cool sf story

Robert Frazier
"The Daily Chernobyl"
© Synergy # 2, ed. G. Zebrowski, 1988
--/ cool sf story


J. George Frederick
"The Einstein Express"
© Astounding Stories, May 1935
--/ cool sf story
--/ awesome scale

A curious debate over how a superior being (the size of a Galaxy or larger) would see the surrounding Universe and travel in it by macroscopic "steps". Such movements would surely defy the "speed-of-light" limit, just like our cars would seem to move with stupendous speed from "a tiny molecular being's" viewpoint. Size does matter; with another scale come another laws of physics (if you doubt that, observe completely different laws of quantum and astro-physics, and the bridge between them that is, well, missing). As for how our Universe might look "from an outside point of view", a series of amazing extrapolation pictures were published recently, showing the clusters of clusters of Galaxies, which seem to join together in strands, knots - weirdly similar to... neurons and structures inside a human brain. Think about that.
review: 09-Aug-06 (read in 2005)


Esther Friesner
© F&SF, Jan 2000

Esther Friesner
"The Stuff Of Heroes"
© IASFM, Sep 1982
--/ cool sf story

Charles E. Fritch
"Geever's Flight"
© The Pseudo People, ed. W. Nolan, 1965
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ shock value
--/ style award
--/ rare find

Gregory Frost
© IASFM, Dec 1989
--/ cool sf story

Gregory Frost
(with John Kessel)
© IASFM, Jan 1986
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ style award
--/ rare find


Estelle Frye
"The Face in The Mask"

© Fantastic Stories, Jun 1961
--/ second place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ emotion award
--/ idea award
--/ style award
--/ rare find

This story can be potentially life-changing, if you only let it - and seriously disturbing, if you don't. The subject matter will stay with you for days, and may haunt you until the solution is found. Similar to J. G. Ballard's dystopias, this masterful tale uses the surreal and the absurd as a powerful force, aimed directly at your subconscious. Everybody who ever struggled for identity inside an urban jungle, who tasted totalitarian propaganda, or been wounded by the impossibility of escape (in its broadest sense) - will savor every word; all other readers, too, will be immensely entertained. Heads above anything published in the field in years, this tale somehow managed to languish in the total obscurity for the past 50 years... This could be hard to explain, except for the fact that it was the first and ONLY piece Estelle Frye ever wrote! Apparently she had said everything she wanted to say (in a few carefully chosen words) and then fell silent ...

People in this story are trapped in an artificial, soul-killing environment (reminiscent of "The Truman Show") with all sense of identity and destiny seemingly lost to them. They go around in masks and pointlessly gaze at the painted landscapes around the city. The countryside is not much better. Soon there is only one thing left: to turn away from your own misery and start helping others, one person at a time. But then, such choice is almost always the hardest.
review: 27-Dec-07 (read in 2007)


Augustine Funnell
"River of the Dying"
© Universe 1, ed. R. Silverberg, 1990
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ style award


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