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P - Other Writers

Gerald W. Page
(as Carleton Grindle)
"Martian Exodus"
© Perry Rhodan # 35, 1973

Gerald W. Page
"The Mercyship"
© Space # 1, ed. R. Davis, 1973

Gerald W. Page
"The Ruthless Man"
© Spaceway, Oct 1969

Barry Pain
"The Moon-Slave"
© 1901,
The Phoenix Tree, ed. R. Boyer, 1974

--/ cool f story
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

David R. Palmer
© Analog, Feb 1983
--novella : 1984 Hugo
--novella : 1984 Locus /3
--novella/novelette : 1984 AnLab W

--/ cool sf novella

Lloyd Palmer
"The Hounds Of Zith"
© 1952, Planet Stories

Raymond A. Palmer
(as Henry Gade)
"The Invincible Crime-Buster"
© Amazing Stories, Jul 1941

Susan Palwick
"Cucumber Gravy"
© Sci Fiction, Jan 2001
--/ third place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ style award
--/ emotion award
--/ rare find

Susan Palwick
© Starlight # 3, ed. P. Hayden, 2001
--/ cool f story

Leonid Panasenko
"Pokoryauschi Prostranstvo"
© Fantastika-80, 1980
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

Leonid Panasenko
"Masterskaya Dlya Sikeirosa"
© 1981, Teknika Molodezhi
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

Mary C. Pangborn
"The Back Road"
© Universe # 9, 1979
--/ cool sf story
--/ style award

Mary C. Pangborn
"The Confession Of Hamo"
© Universe # 10, 1980
--short story : 1981 Locus /19

Mary C. Pangborn
"The Haunting"
© New Dimensions # 11, 1980
--/ cool f story
--/ style award

Mary C. Pangborn
"The Sorceress Aprentice"
© Universe # 12, 1982

Alexey Panshin
"The Destiny Of Milton Gomrath"
© Analog, Dec 1967
Farewell To Yesterday's Tomorrow, 1975
--/ cool sf story
--/ humour award

Paul Park
"The Tourist"
© Interzone, Feb 1994
--fiction : 1992 Interzone Poll /6 (tie)

Severna Park
"The Cure For Everything"
© SciFiction, Jul 2000
--short story : 2002 Nebula W
--short story : 2001 Locus Poll

--/ fourth place sf story
--/ idea award
--/ style award

Lewis Parker
"The Animated Pin-Up"
© Imagination, July 1953
--/ humour award

Richard Parks
"A Place To Begin"
© Weird Tales, Spr 2001
--short story : 2002 Locus Poll

A. Parra
© Again, Dangerous Visions, 1972
--/ cool f story
--/ emotion award

Norman Partridge
"Where the Woodbine Twineth"
© The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists, 2001
--fiction collection : 2002 Stoker W
--collection : 2002 Locus /22
--collection : 2002 Int. Horror Guild

--/ cool dark f story

Ernst Pashitzky
"Kvantovaya Planeta"
© 1981, Teknika Molodezhi
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Ernst Pashitzky
© Teknika Molodezhi, 1983
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

Ben Pastor
"Achilles' Grave"
© Ghost Writing, ed. R. Weigarten, 2000
--short story : 2001 Locus Poll

Diana L. Paxon
"The Bloodbeast"
© Sisters Of The Night, ed. B. Hambly, 1995

Diana L. Paxon
"The Heart Of The Hill"
(with Marion Zimmer Bradley)
(Mists Of Avalon series)
© Out Of Avalon, ed. J. Roberson, 2001
--short story : 2002 Locus Poll
--/ cool f story

Wilbur S. Peacock
"Uranian Justice"
© Captain Future, Aut 1940
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

Brenda Pearce
"Haute Falaise Bay"
© New Voices in SF # 3, ed. G. Martin, 1980
--new writer : 1975 Campbell

Martin Pearson
"The Millionth Year"
© Science Fiction Stories, Apr 1943


Martin Pearson
"Up There"
© Science Fiction Quarterly, Summer 1942
--/ cool sf story
--/ humour award

Ridiculous story - to the point of being great. A truly rebellious uncle maintains that the starry sky is a firmament after all, and sets up to prove it in his place. I could only gasp at the audacity of the author.
review: 07-Jul-06 (read in 2006)


M. C. Pease
"Path Of Darkness"
© Science Fiction Stories, Mar 1955
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

M. C. Pease
© Science Fiction Stories, Jan 1955
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea: computers & tyrants
--/ rare find

M. C. Pease
"Temple Of Despair"
© Dynamic Science Fiction, Oct 1953


Elia W. Peattie
"The Crime Of Micah Rood"
© 1902, original
also in - Dangerous Vegetables, ed. K. Laumer, 1998
--/ cool f story
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Who could've known that an exciting fantasy, detailing strange growths in and around abandoned gardens, was published as early as 1902 - with great narrative tension, the overall feel of "Weird Tales" magazine and even some of the "look" of modern-day computer special effects, but here it is. Surprise! I wonder how many other top-notch and imaginative stories are languishing in antique magazine piles, passed over by critics and collectors as a simple "mass-market" entertainment.


A. Pechenezhski
© NF - 26, 1982
--/ cool sf story
--/ style award
--/ emotion award
--/ rare find

Kit Pedler
"The Long-Term Residents"
© The Seventh Ghost Book, ed. R. Timperley, 1971


Kit Pedler
(and Jerry Davis)
"Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters"

© 1972, Viking Press
--/ fourth place apocalyptic sf novel

Review by M. Christian
Based on a plot that was originally written as an episode of the groundbreaking British series "Doomwatch" (which ran from 1970 to 1972), the writing team of Kit Pedler and Jerry Davis wrote Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters in 1971 as a unique, stand-alone novel. Doomwatch was an innovative, well-ahead-of-its-time series, mainly because of Pedler and Davis, and Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters is an enjoyably well-written reflection of that series. The plot is simple enough, which makes it all the more powerful and frightening: through a series of all-too-real events, a bacteria is developed that consumes plastic and releases methane gas.

I said it was simple. But think about it this way: wires are insulated with plastic, an insulation that keeps the copper from shorting – shorting that could cause a fire or, even worse, an explosion with, say, the presence of methane.

Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters is a great science fiction adventure story featuring well-realized characters, vivid descriptions, and a suspenseful plot. If you can find a copy – which isn't easy – you'll be in for a very enjoyable read. Another interesting review of this book can be found here


Charles Pellegrino
"Oh, Miranda"
(with George Zebrowski)
© F&SF, Sep 1991
--/ cool sf story

L. Penkov
"Koshkin Khvost"
© Teknika Molodezhi, 1981
trans. from Bulgarian
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award
--/ humour award
--/ rare find

Calvin Peregoy
"The Terrible Sense"
© Astounding Stories, Aug 1938
--Groff Conklin' story selection
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

Steve Perry
(with George Florence-Guthridge)
"Johnny Beer Cans"
© IASFM, Oct 1982
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

V. Pestereev
© Vokrug Sveta, 1981
--/ cool sf story

Robin Peters
"The Last Enemy"
© Imaginative Tales, Nov 1956
--/ cool apocalyptic sf story
--/ rare find

A. M. Philips
"Time-Travel Happens!"
© Unknown, Dec 1939


Vic Phillips
"Maiden Voyage"

© Astounding Stories, Jan 1939
--/ third place space sf novella
--/ adventure award
--/ style award
--/ romance award
--/ shock value
--/ rare find

This is an outstanding novella: nothing much is known about Vic Phillips, who only published a few stories in Astounding between 1939-1942, so any info is appreciated. Well, turns out, this is a definitive treatment of "disaster in space" scenario: ship wreckage, mutiny, pirates, thick atmosphere of doom and more heroic action than in the best Hollywood disaster movies - plus entertaining, hard-hitting dialogue, with a hint of smart romance thrown in for good measure.

I can see how this story can be "disaster voyage" category killer - it's hard to top Vic Phillips with a more hardboiled account. Although later efforts were made (for example, the excellent "The Star Lord" by Boyd Elanby) - but here we get blood-n-thunder action with such intensity that the pages literally smolder in your hands. Doc Smith's stuff is close but not written as intelligently, and Robert Heinlein's "Universe" depicts a similarly mutinous crew on a generation ship. All good comparisons - but this pulp superhit is as engrossing, as it is unexpected and darkly intense.


Vic Phillips & Scott Roberts
"Fish Story"
© Astounding, May 1941
--/ cool sf story


Tom Piccirilli
"Ice On Heated Steel Script"
© Chiaroscuro # 19, 2004
--/ fourth place dark f story
--/ shock value
--/ rare find

Tom Piccirilli went on to win bigger battles in the literary world (he is a best-selling novelist right now), leaving behind this wretched, miserable, and yet strangely adorable hunchback of a tale, almost like a "your favorite idiot you love to hate": a nuclear tooth-paste to pollute your literary sensibilities, to warn you what to sink your teeth into and what to avoid. Certainly, like ungainly swamp-roots poetry, this lunatic tale shimmers with unexpected brilliance in the murky waters, revealing nuggets of style, however well concealed by bizarre violence. Recommended.
review: 18-Jul-06 (read in 2006)


Igor Pidorenko
"Vse Veschi Mira"
© NF-27, Znanie 1982
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Hayford Pierce
"Mail Supremacy"
© Analog, Mar 1975

John Pierce
© Astounding, 1941
trans. to Russian as
Praktichnoe Izobretenie, 1974

H. Beam Piper
"Gunpowder God"
(Paratime Police series)
© Analog, Nov 1964
--/ cool time sf story

H. Beam Piper
© Astounding, Feb 1957
Federation, 1981
--short fiction : 1971 Astounding/Analog All-Time Poll /30

H. Beam Piper
"Operation RSVP"
© Amazing, Jan 1951

Charles Platt
"Taking Liberties" (nf)
© Interzone # 28, 1989

Charles Platt
"The Total Experience Kick"
© New Worlds, Dec 1966
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award

P. J. Plauger
"Child Of All Ages"
© 1975, Analog
--short story : 1976 Hugo
--short story : 1976 Nebula
--short story : 1976 Locus /3

--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award

P. J. Plauger
"Virtual Image"
© New Voices in SF # 3, ed. G. Martin, 1980

Denis Plimmer
"Man From The Wrong Time-Track"
© Uncanny Stories, Apr 1941
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

Cyril Plunkett
"The X Gas"
© Air Wonder Stories, Mar 1930
--/ rare find

Roman Podolny
"Neobkhodimaya Sluchaynost"
© NF - 5, Znanie, 1966

Roman Podolny
"Vosmaya Gorizontal"
© Fantastika - 71, 1971

Roman Podolny
"Zakryvatel Amerik"
© NF - 14, Znanie, 1974
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

V. Pokrovski
"Vremya Temnoi Okhoty"
© Znaniya-Sila, 1983


Rachel Pollack
"Is Your Child Using Drugs?"
© New Dimensions #6, 1976
Burning Sky, 1999
--/ style award

"...playing with form: "Is Your Child Using Drugs? Seven Ways to Recognize a Drug Addict" creates a discomfiting fictional universe using questions from a propagandistic anti-drug pamphlet as cues"
review: 18-Jul-06 (read in 1987)


Rachel Pollack
"Reflected Light"
© 2007, Steampunk Magazine, No.3
--/ cool sf story

Rachel Pollack
"The Wild Cows" (poem)
© IASFM, Jan 1993
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Steven Popkes
"Fable for Savior and Reptile"
© Realms of Fantasy, Feb 2002
--short story : 2003 Locus Poll

Steven Popkes
"The Ice"
© IASFM, Jan 2003
--novella : 2004 Locus /16

Steven Popkes
"Winters Are Hard"
© SciFiction, Nov 2002
--short story : 2002 Locus Poll

William T. Powers
© Astounding, Apr 1953

William T. Powers
"A Congregation Of Vapours"
© Galaxy, July 1971
russ. as "Nechem Dyshat"
--/ fourth place apocalyptic sf story
--/ style award
--/ rare find

D. C. Poyer
(as David Andreissen)
"Stepfather's Bank"
© The Berkley Showcase # 1,
ed. V. Schochet, 1980

Terry Pratchett
"Moving Pictures" (nv)
(Discworld 9)
© 1990, Gollancz
--/ cool f novel
--/ humour award

Terry Pratchett
"Strata" (nv)
(Discworld series)
© 1989, Gollancz
--/ cool f novel
--/ humour award

Tim Pratt
"Annabelle's Alphabeth"
© Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Sep 2001
--short story : 2002 Locus Poll

Boris Privalov
"Ustami Mladentca"
© Khimiya I Zhizn, 1979
--/ cool sf story

George W. Proctor
"Gift Hearse"
© Perry Rhodan # 35, 1973

Zbignev Prostak
"Gost Iz Glubin"
© Na Sushe I Na More, 1982
trans. from Polish
--/ cool sf story

Kathryn Ptacek
"The Visit"
© Heaven Sent, ed. P. Crowther, 1995
--/ cool f story
--/ wonder award

Dick Purcell
"Mr. Chipfellow's Jackpot"
© Imagination, Apr 1954

Dick Purcell
"No Cause For Alarm"
© Imaginative Tales, May 1956

Tom Purdom
"Canary Land"
© IASFM, Jan 1997

Tom Purdom
© F&SF, Nov 1964
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award: spraying neighborhood
with mind drugs to control voting

--/ rare find

Tom Purdom
"Fossil Games"
© IASFM, Feb 1999


Richard L. Purtill
"Something In The Blood"
© F&SF, Aug 1986
--/ cool f story


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