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Robert Silverberg

Robert Silverberg is a seasoned writer and editor in the field, who honed his skill in the pulp market in the 1950s and then unleashed his highly-entertaining and progressive fiction on the unsuspecting public in the 1970s. Quite a lot of his stories are regarded as classics of the genre, his writing is usually very smooth, sparkling with imagination and adventure (at his best) and smooth to the point of being forgettable (at worst).

Pen names:
Gordon Aghill, Robert Arnette, T. D. Bethlen, Alexander Blade (some), Robert Burke, Walter Chapman, Dirk Clinton, Walter Drummond, Don Elliott, Richard Greer, E. K. Jarvis (some), Ivar Jorgensen (some), Warren Kastel (some), Calvin M. Knox, Dan Malcolm, Webber Martin, Ray McKenzie, Alex Merriman, Clyde T. Mitchell, David Osborne, George Osborne, Robert Randall, Ellis Robertson, Eric Rodman, Lee Sebastian, Leonard G. Spencer, S. M. Tenneshaw (some), Hall Thornton, Gerald Vance (some), Richard F. Watson, L. T. Woodward

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(artwork copyright by Chris Foss)


"Absolutely Inflexible"
© Fantastic Universe, Jul 1956
Needle in a Timestack, 1966
--/ cool time sf story

Time travel nicely done. The head of the institution responsible for locking up time travelers finds himself left in his office with the kit of a recently arrived time traveler and he thinks he'll just try it himself, so he leaps back in time a few hours and is promptly locked up, leaving the kit in the head's office where...
review: 10-Jul-06 (read in 1985)


"After The Myths Went Home"
© F&SF, Nov 1969
Moonferns and Starsongs, 1971

"Against Babylon"
(part of "The Alien Years")
© OMNI, Feb 1986
Secret Sharers, 1992

"Among The Dream Speakers"
(MajiPoor Chronicles)
© IASFM, Jan 1982
MajiPoor Chronicles, 1988

(transl. Russ. As "Chestny Contract")
© New Worlds, 1959
also in - Saturn, May 1959
--/ fourth place space sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ humour award
--/ rare find

"The Artifact Business"
© Fantastic Universe, Apr 1957
The Calibrated Alligator, 1969

"The Assassin"
© Imaginative Tales, Jul 1957

"Beauty In The Night"
(The Alien Years series)
© Science Fiction Age, Sep 1997
--novelette : 1998 Locus /12


"Birds of a Feather"
© Galaxy, Nov 1958
Needle in a Timestack, 1966


"Blind Sight"
(part of "Hot Sky At Midnight")
© Playboy, Dec 1986
Pluto In The Morning Light, 1992

"Blue Fire"
(Blue Fire series)
© Galaxy, Jun 1965
To Open The Sky, 1967
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award


"Born with the Dead"
© F&SF, Apr 1974
Born with the Dead, 1974
--novella : 1975 Hugo
--novella : 1975 Nebula W
--novella : 1975 Locus W
--novella : 1975 Jupiter
--novella : 1999 Locus All-Time Poll /22

--/ fourth place sf novella
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ shock value

Simple is hard: very, very hard. Not that complexity is, therefore, easy, but writing a story that's elegant yet lean, graceful yet subtly complex, lyrical yet spare -- that demonstrates the skill of a true master. A true master like Robert Silverberg. It's no wonder his Born With The Dead won the Nebula: the story is the absolute essence of a simple, powerful story told with true mastery of the storyteller's art.

The plot is pretty easy to explain. In the future (well, the 1990s ...according to the story) the recently dead can be reanimated, "rekindled" to use the term in the novella. The problem is that while they aren't dead, they aren't quite alive either: distant and removed, the resurrected live among themselves in Cold Towns, forming a whole population, an entire world, apart from the rest of still-alive humanity.

Having recently lost Sybille, his wife, Jorge is having a hard time adjusting to seeing her rekindled into an aloof and distant version of herself. A very hard time. In fact he begins to stalk her as she slips into the life of the reanimated dead. This is where Silverberg again shines: the world he creates, if just for the length of a novella, is rich and sensory, full of sparkling details woven with musically brilliant prose. Silverberg also manages, in the space of a few spare pages, to investigate and ponder the role of death in human society, as well as in various flavors of culture.

The ending of Born With The Dead comes almost too soon, but when it does come it arrives like a thunderclap. And like a thunderclap, when you think back on its arrival, you realize you saw it coming for a long time - a short journey of Jorge and Sybille makes for a perfectly executed story, a tight little package of character, theme, style. Born With The Dead is considered one of Silverberg's best works, and it's definitely worth to seek out.
Review by author M. Christian


"Breckenridge and The Continuum"
© Showcase, ed. R. Elwood, 1973
Capricorn Games, 1976
--/ cool sf story
--/ style award

© Infinity # 3, ed. R.Hoskins, 1972
The Reality Trip, 1972
Unfamiliar Territory, 1973
--short fiction : 1973 Locus /12

"Capricorn Games"
© The Far Side of Time, ed. R.Elwood, 1974
Capricorn Games, 1976
--/ cool sf story

"The Catch"
© OMNI, Aug 1990

"Catch'em All Alive!"
(also as "Collecting Team")
© Super-Science Fiction, Dec 1956
also in - Authentic SF, Jun 1957
To Worlds Beyond, 1965
--/ cool space sf story
--/ wonder award

"Caught In The Organ Draft"
© Vertex, Apr 1973
And Now Walk Gently Through Fire, 1972
Unfamiliar Territory, 1973
--/ cool sf story

© Astounding, Nov 1959
To Worlds Beyond, 1965
--/ cool sf story

"The Changeling"
© Amazing Stories, Feb 1982
The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party, 1984

© The Microverse, 1989
also in - IASFM, 1990

"Collecting Team"
(also as "Catch'em All Alive!")
(Collecting Team series)
© Super-Science Fiction, Dec 1956
also in - Authentic SF, Jun 1957
To Worlds Beyond, 1965
Moonferns and Starsongs, 1971
--/ cool space sf story
--/ wonder award

"Collision Course" (nv)
© Amazing Stories, Jul 1959
Ace Double, 1961
--/ cool sf novel

"The Dawning Light" (nv)
(as Robert Randall)
(with Randall Garrett)
(sequel to "The Shrouded Planet")
© Astounding, Mar 1957
book: Gnome, 1959

"The Day the Founder Died"
© Crisis, ed. R. Elwood, 1974
also in - Void # 1, 1975
The Shores of Tomorrow, 1976

"The Day The Monsters Broke Loose"
(Collecting Team series)
© Super Science Fiction, Jun 1959
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

© Astounding, Jan 1959
The Shores of Tomorrow, 1976

"Double Dare"
© Galaxy, Nov 1956
To Worlds Beyond, 1965
--/ cool sf story

"Downward to the Earth" (nv)
© 1969, Galaxy
1970, Random House
--novel : 1971 Locus /5 (tie)
--/ fourth place sf novel
--/ wonder award

"The Dybbuk Of Mazel Tov IV"
© Wandering Stars, 1974
Capricorn Games, 1975
"The Face Of The Waters" (nv)
© Amazing Stories, Aug 1991
book: Bantam Spectra, 1991

"The Feast Of St. Dionysus"
© An Exaltation Of Stars, ed. T. Carr, 1974
The Feast Of St. Dionysus, 1975
--novella : 1974 Locus /3
--novella : 1974 Jupiter W


"The Final Challenge"
© Infinity Science Fiction, Aug 1956
The Shores Of Tomorrow, 1976


"The Final Decision"
(as Robert Randall)
(with Randall Garrett)
© Imaginative Tales, Mar 1958

© 1967, Dangerous Visions
Parsecs And Parables, 1970
Earth's Other Shadow, 1973
--/ cool sf story
--/ humour award

"Gate Of Horn, Gate Of Ivory"
© Universe # 14, 1984
Pluto In The Morning Light, 1992

© Playboy, Feb 1982
The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party, 1984

"Going Down Smooth"
© Galaxy, Aug 1968
Parsecs & Parables, 1970
--story : Best SF 1969
--/ cool psychology sf story

"Good News From The Vatican"
© Universe # 1, 1971
Unfamiliar Territory, 1973
--short story : 1972 Nebula W

"Halfway House"
© IF, Nov 1966
Dimension Thirteen, 1969
A Cube Root of Uncertainty, 1971
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

"Hawksbill Station"
© Galaxy, Aug 1967
The Reality Trip, 1972
--novella : 1968 Hugo
--novella : 1968 Nebula

--/ cool sf novella
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award

"Hi Diddle Diddle!"
(as Calvin M. Knox)
© Astounding, Feb 1959
Worlds OF Wonder, 1969
Sunrise On Mercury, 1975

© Amazing, Nov 1983
book: Homefaring, 1983
--novella : 1984 Nebula
--novella : 1984 Locus
--novella : 1984 SF Chronicle /3

--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

"Hot Times in Magma City"
© OMNI, May 1995
also - IASFM, Dec 1995
--novella : 1996 Locus /14
--/ third place sf novella
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ adventure award
--/ style award

"How It Was When The Past When Away"
© Three for Tomorrow, ed. R.Silverberg, 1969
Earth's Other Shadow, 1973
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award

"Hunt The Space-Witch!"
© Science Fiction Adventures, Jan 1958


"The Hunted Heroes"
© Amazing Stories, Sep 1956


"In Enthropy's Jaws"
© 1971, Infinity # 2, ed. R.Hoskins
The Reality Trip, 1972
Unfamiliar Territory, 1973
--short fiction : 1972 Locus /13
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

"Invaders from Earth" (nv)
(also as "We, The Maradeurs")
© Science Fiction Quarterly, Feb 1958
1972, Hawthorn books
--/ cool sf novel
--/ wonder award

"The Iron Chancellor"
© Galaxy, May 1958
Needle in a Timestack, 1966
The Cube Root of Uncertainty, 1970

"Ishmael In Love"
© F&SF, Sep 1970
Parsecs And Parables, 1970

"The Isolationists"
© Science Fiction Stories, Nov 1958
The Shores of Tomorrow, 1976

"Lair Of The Dragonbird"
© Imagination, Dec 1958
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

"Lazarus Come Forth!"
(Blue Fire series)
© Galaxy, Apr 1966
To Open The Sky, 1967
--/ cool sf story

"Lord Valentine's Castle" (nv)
(Lord Valentine's Castle 1)
© 1980, Random House
--novel : 1981 Hugo
--fantasy novel : 1981 Locus W
--novel : 1981 Balrog
--all time fantasy novel : 1987 Locus All-Time Poll /25

--/ cool f novel
--/ wonder award


"The MacAuley Circuit"
© Fantastic Universe, Aug 1956
also in - New Worlds, Apr 1958
Sunrise On Mercury, 1975

Computers compose music. This story echoes "So Bright the Vision" by Clifford Simak where computers write marketable fiction - both stories are in the same pulp issue.
review: 25-Jul-06 (read in 1997)


"A Madman On Board"
© Imagination, Feb 1958
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

"The Man in the Maze" (nv)
© IF, Apr 1968
book: 1969, Avon Books
--/ fourth place sf novel
--/ wonder award
--/ adventure award

"The Man Who Came Back"
© New Worlds, Feb 1961
also in - Galaxy, Dec 1974

"The Man Who Never Forgot"
© F&SF, Feb 1958
also in - Science Fantasy, Dec 1958
Parsecs and Parables, 1970

"The Man With Talent"
© Future SF, Win 1956
also in - Science Fantasy, Aug 1957
Godling, Go Home, 1964

"The Masks Of Time" (nv)
(also as "Vorman-19")
© 1968, Ballantine Books
--novel : 1969 Nebula
--/ cool sf novel

"The Millenial Express"
© 2000, Playboy, Jan
--short story : 2001 Locus /32
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award
--/ wonder award


"Mind For Business"
© Astounding, Sep 1956
To Worlds Beyond, 1970

Average story about aliens trying to camouflage as humans, but not having enough... "mind for business". Silly entertainment. Typical output of Silverberg in these years - prolific and totally forgettable. It hardly needs mentioning that the second half of the Fifties were the years of the sad demise of "Astounding" magazine, with a total drop in the quality of its vision and fiction, as a result.
review: 19-Sep-06 (read in 1989)


© Super Science Fiction, Dec 1957
To Worlds Beyond, 1970
--/ cool sf story


"Mugwump Four"
© Galaxy, Aug 1959
A Cube Root of Uncertainty, 1971
The Calibrated Alligator, 1969
--/ cool sf story


"The Mutant Season" (nv)
(The Mutant series)
(also exp. into a novel)
© Androids, Time Machines
and Blue Giraffes, ed. R. Elwood, 1973
Unfamiliar Territory, 1973
book: 1989, Doubleday Books
(with Karen Haber)
--/ cool sf novel

"The Nature Of The Place"
© F&SF, Feb 1963
--/ cool dark f story

"Neutral Planet"
© SF Stories, July 1957
Godling, Go Home, 1964
Sundance And Others, 1974
--/ cool sf story

"Never Trust A Thief!"
(as Ivar Jorgensen)
© Imagination, Feb 1958

"New Men for Mars"
© Super Science Fiction, Jun 1957
To Worlds Beyond, 1965

"The New Springtime" (nv)
(also as "The Queen of Springtime")
(At Winter's End series 2)
© 1989, Bantam Spectra

"Now + N, Now - N"
© Nova # 2, 1972
Unfamilliar Territory, 1972
--short fiction : 1973 Locus /18 (tie)
--/ cool sf story

"The Nudes of Quendar III"
© 1955, Imaginative Tales
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

"The Overlord's Thumb"
© Infinity Science Fiction, Mar 1958
To Worlds Beyond, 1965

© Infinity Science Fiction, Nov 1958
also in - New Worlds, May 1960
To Worlds Beyond, 1965

"The Pain Peddlers"
© Galaxy, Aug 1963
Needle in a Timestack, 1966
Sundance & other stories, 1974
--/ cool sf story

© Orbit 4, ed. D.Knight, 1968
The Cube Root of Uncertainty, 1970
Moonferns and Starsongs, 1971
--short story : 1970 Hugo
--short story : 1970 Nebula W
--short story : 1999 Locus All-Time Poll /29

--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

"Pirates of the Void" (as by Ivar Jorgensen)
© Imaginative Tales, July 1957
--/ cool space sf story
--/ rare find

"The Pope Of The Chimps"
© Perpetual Light, 1982
The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party, 1984
--short story : 1983 Nebula
--novelette : 1983 Locus /12

"Postmark Ganymede"
© Amazing Stories, Sep 1957
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

"The Queen of Springtime" (nv)
(also as "The New Springtime")
© 1989, Bantam Spectra

"Quick Freeze"
© Science Fiction Quarterly, May 1957
The Shores of Tomorrow, 1976
--/ cool space sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ adventure award

"Road To Nightfall"
© Fantastic Universe, Jul 1958
Parsecs And Parables, 1970

"Sailing To Bysantium"
© IASFM, Feb 1985
Sailing To Bysantium, 1985
--novella : 1986 Hugo
--novella : 1986 Nebula W
--novella : 1986 Locus /2
--novella : 1986 SF Chronicle /3

"Schwartz Between The Galaxies"
©  Stellar #1, ed. del Rey, 1974
The Feast of St. Dionysus, 1975
--short story : 1975 Hugo
--short story : 1975 Locus /3

--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

"Sea Of Faces"
© Universe # 4, 1974
Capricorn Games, 1975

"The Silent Colony"
© Future, Oct 1954
Godling, Go Home! 1964
The Shores of Tomorrow, 1976
--/ cool sf story

"The Sixth Palace"
© Galaxy, Feb 1965
Needle In A Timestack, 1966

"Slaves of the Star Giants"
© Science Fiction Adventures, Feb 1957
Next Stop The Stars, 1962
--/ cool sf novella

"Something Wild Is Loose"
© The Many Worlds of SF, ed. B.Bova, 1971
also in - Mind To Mind, 1971
Earth's Other Shadow, 1973
Sundance & other stories, 1974

"Sound Decision"
(with Randall Garrett)
© Astounding, Oct 1956
The Shores of Tomorrow, 1976


"Space Traveller's Revenge"
(as by Ivar Jorgensen)
© Imaginative Tales, July 1956


"The Still Small Voice"
© Amazing, May 1960

"Stress Pattern"
© Astounding, Jan 1960
The Shores of Tomorrow, 1976

© F&SF, Jun 1969
The Cube Root of Uncertainty, 1970
Sundance & other stories, 1974
--short story : 1999 Locus All-Time Poll /24 (tie)
--/ cool sf story

"Sunrise on Mercury"
(as by Calvin M. Knox)
© Science Fiction Stories, May 1957
Parsecs and Parables, 1970
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

"Sunrise On Pluto"
© 1985, The Planets
Pluto In The Morning Light, 1992
--short story : 1986 Locus /13
--/ cool sf story

"A Thief in Ni-Moya"
(Majipoor Chronicles series)
© IASFM, Dec 1981
Majipoor Chronicles, 1982
--novelette : 1982 Locus /28

"To Be Continued"
© Astounding, May 1956
Moonferns And Starsongs, 1971

"To Open the Sky" (nv)
(also as "Open the Sky")
(Blue Fire series)
© Galaxy, Jun 1966
Ballantine Books, 1967
--/ fourth place sf novel
--/ wonder award
--/ style award

"To The Dark Star"
© The Farthest Reaches, ed. J.Elder, 1968
The Cube Root of Uncertainty, 1970
Earth's Other Shadow, 1973

"Traitor Legion"
© Imaginative Tales, Jan 1958

© Final Stage, ed. E. Ferman, 1974
The Feast of St. Dionysus, 1975
--/ cool sf story

"Twelve Hours To Blow!"
© Imaginative Tales, May 1957

"The Unknown Soldier of Space"
© 1958, Imaginative Tales

"Vanishing Act"
(as Robert Randall)
(with Randall Garrett)
© Imaginative Tales, Jan 1958

"Vault Of The Ages"
© Amazing Stories, Aug 1956
russ. as "Khranilische vekov"
--/ cool sf story

"Waiting For The Earthquake"
(Medea Series)
© OMNI SF 2, 1982
Medea: Harlan's World, 1985
The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party, 1984
--novelette : 1982 Locus /19

"The Warriors Of Light"
(Blue Fire series)
© Galaxy, Dec 1965
To Open The Sky, 1967
--/ cool sf story

"Where The Changed Ones Go"
(Blue Fire series)
© Galaxy, Feb 1966
To Open The Sky, 1967
--/ cool sf story

"The Wind And The Rain"
© Saving Worlds, ed. R. Elwood, 1973
Unfamilliar Territory, 1975

"The Woman You Wanted"
© Future Stories, Apr 1958
--/ cool sf story


"The World Inside" (nv)
© Nova 1, ed. Harry Harrison, 1970
also in Galaxy, 1970-1971
novel: 1971, Doubleday
--novella : 1971 Hugo ("The World Outside")
--novel : 1972 Hugo (withdrawn)
--novel : 1972 Locus/6

--/ fourth place sf novel
--/ wonder award
--/ style award

Welcome to the year 2381. Things are perfect: very, very perfect. Everyone is happy, everyone is satisfied within the towering blocks of the Urban Monads -- monster monoliths of humanity towering hundreds of floors, and thousands of feet, above the surface of the planet.

If there is one rule, one overriding philosophy of the people living in the monads -- beyond their pathological satisfaction with the state of the world and their lives -- it’s “be fruitful and multiply.”

Each monad is made up of 25 cities, each existing within their own sections of 40 floors. Urban Monad 116, the setting of Robert Silverberg’s The World Inside, has a population of 800,000 happy, happy people, with the world population at 75 billion people … and climbing.

There have been many books about the horrors of overpopulation, most notably, Harry Harrison's Make Room, Make Room, which you might know better as "Soylent Green" when it made it onto the big screen. But The World Inside is unique and powerful: a nightmare dipped in a super-sweet glaze, a hell made of smiles and sex. The residents of Urban Monad 116 -- the musician, the bureaucrat, the rebel, and all the other characters that rotate onto the novel’s stage -- don’t know they are living in a nightmare of bodies, bodies, and more bodies. For them, births -- and huge families -- are not just the norm but the ultimate desire of every citizen. To encourage this population explosion, the male residents roam their tower, falling into every available woman’s bed, each carnal encounter a possibility for -- joy, joy -- even more life.

The World Inside is, itself, a seduction. Because the reader follows each character, we first see their world as they see it: a bountiful celebration of humanity, a sensual monolithic rave. But then the glaze, the smiles, and the sex begin to wear thin for both the reader as well as the people of Urban Monad 116 we are following, and the book begins to show the horrifying isolation, the hollow monolith that is their building as well as their life.

As with most everything Robert Silverberg has written in this period, The World Inside is a literary treat: vivid and kaleidoscopic, richly textured but also smoothly told. It’s far too easy to read a book like The World Inside and forget the awe-inspiring literary skill and storytelling mastery that’s going on right before your eyes. The World Inside is a book that shouldn’t just be read but re-read and re-read and re-read: once for the pure enjoyment of this unique and powerful story, again to enjoy Silverberg’s magnificent talent as a writer, and yet again to enjoy the story's careful weaving of plot and story and theme.

The World Inside is a perfect example of a master storyteller’s craft: a timeless book and an eternal warning of substituting quantity for quality.

A bit of trivia: It was nominated for a Hugo in 1972 for best novel, but withdrawn by Silverberg in favor of A Time of Changes, which was also nominated that year.
Review by author M. Christian

Original stories that make up this novel:

A Happy Day in 2381
© Nova 1, ed. Harry Harrison, 1970

In the Beginning
© Science Against Man, ed. Anthony Cheetham, 1970

The Throwbacks
© Galaxy, Jul 1970

The World Outside
© Galaxy, Oct 1970

We Are Well Organized
© Galaxy, Dec 1970

All the Way Up, All the Way Down
© Galaxy, Jul 1971


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Blogger Singular Mind said...

On "Mind for Business"
I knew Bob Silverberg in those years. We were in the same class at Columbia. We both resided in an off-campus SRO apartment building; he in a room with its window right next to the entrance to the building. Lots of times,as I was walking in, I would see him at the typewriter, pounding away. He was putting himself through college by writing pulp fiction stories, science fiction and mystery. He also wrote under several pen names. It was steady money, even if the quality was mediocre. There were times in his life when he fell back into that mode and there were times when he wrote masterpieces like "Born with the Dead.

11:21 PM  
Blogger Avi Abrams said...


12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So who are you, classmate?

Bob Silverberg

1:07 PM  
Blogger Avi Abrams said...

I am going through your book "In the Beginning" trying to figure it out...

1:08 PM  

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incl. the mad rally story "The Racer"

Astounding Stories, June 1935

Full Issue Review
incl. Gallun, Schachner, Campbell

Astounding Stories, May 1941

Full Issue Review
incl. Heinlein, Asimov, Eric Frank Russell

Horace Gold; P. Schuyler Miller

"Apocalyptic Blockbusters"
"Inflexure" and "Spawn": guilty pleasure

Interview with John C. Wright

Plus his advice to new writers
Adventures in Space & Magic

Frank Belknap Long

"The Horror from the Hills"
Great Lovecraftian Weird Novella

Interview with Jeff VanderMeer

Plus his Recommended Reading List
A Triumph of the Bizarre

Alastair Reynolds, Part 2

More "Galactic North" Stories
A Mixture of Hard Sf, James Bond & Jaws...

Alastair Reynolds Review

"Galactic North"
staring down infinity...

Most Shocking Article

"Holey Fools" by M. Christian
Warning: Gross Subject Matter

Alfred Bester Review

"The Stars My Destination"
"...nail it to the Retro Hugo voting board..."

Larry Niven Review

"Neutron Star"
"better get GP alien ship hull"

Poul Anderson Review

"Ensign Flandry"
"or how to start a sub-genre..."

Thomas M. Disch Review

"The Squirrel Cage"
"...seriously mind-bending stuff..."

Henry Kuttner Review

"Mimsy Were the Borogoves" (The Last Mimzy)
"...great storyline for a pretty average movie..."

Robert A. Heinlein Review

"The Moon is the Harsh Mistress"
" caused a tooth ache, and put my brain on freeze..."

Frank Herbert Review

"Destination: Void"
"...a layered cake of ideas and a scientific extrapolation on a genius level..."

Harlan Ellison Review

"The Abnormals"
"...editors slapped the most outrageous titles on his stories..."

James White Review

"All Judgement Fled"
"...the tension is palpable, soon to grow almost unbearable..."

Grand Adventure Strikes Again

Space Opera Article, by Avi Abrams
Based on Arthur Clarke's "Against the Fall of Night"

William Gibson Review

"Burning Chrome"
"...sheer pyrotechnics and exuberance of style..."

Ace Double: Murray Leinster

"The Pirates of Ersatz /The Mutant Weapon"
"...the characters might as well be cats or hamsters..."

Astounding Stories, May 1935

Pulp SF Magazine Review
with many original illustrations

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