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S - Pen Names

Rhondi Salsitz
- see Charles Ingrid

Joseph Samachson
- see William Morrison

Warren B. Sand
- see F. Orlin Tremaine

George Sanders
- see Leigh Brackett
- see Cleve Cartmill

Winston P. Sanders
- see Poul Anderson

Dave Sands
- see Bryce Walton

Alfred Santos
- see F. Orlin Tremaine

Charles Satterfield
- see Lester Del Rey
- see Frederik Pohl

Sergeant Saturn
- see Oscar J. Friend
- see Sam Merwin
- see Mort Weisinger

Caleb Saunders
- see Robert A. Heinlein

Wes Saunders
- see Sydney J. Bounds

William Carter Sawtelle
- see Rog Phillips

William Scarff
- see Algis Budrys

- see John Russell Fearn

Harold Schoepflin
- see Harl Vincent

Paul Schofield
- see E. C. Tubb

Sandy Schofield
- see Kristine Kathryn Rusch
- see Dean Wesley Smith

Doom Sclanders
- see John Russel Fearn

Chesman Scot
- see Kenneth Bulmer

Jay Scotland
- see John Jakes

Martin Scott
- see Richard Gehman

Martin Scott (fantasy)
- see Martin Millar

Michael Scott
- see Michael Scott Rohan

Robin Scott
- see Robin Wilson

Idris Seabright
- see Margaret St. Clair

John Seabright
- see E. C. Tubb

Joan Seagar
- see John Russel Fearn

Lee Sebastian
- see Robert Silverberg

Curt Selby
- see Doris Piserchia

John A. Sentry
- see Algis Budrys

Edward Serling
- see Rod Serling

Alan Seymour
- see S. Fowler Wright

C. C. Shackleton
- see Brian Aldiss

Thomas Shadwell
- see Arthur Byron Cover
- see John Gregory Betancourt
- see Tim Sullivan

Rose Sharon
- see Judith Merrill

D. Richard Sharpe
- see Richard S. Shaver

Brian Shaw
- see John Russel Fearn
- see E. C. Tubb
- see David Wright O'Brian
- see David A. Griffiths

David Shaw
- see David A. Griffiths

Robert Sanders Shaw
- see Sam Moskowitz

Frank S. Shawn
- see Ron Goulart

Alice Sheldon
- see James Tiptree, Jr.

John Sheldon
- see Robert Bloch

Racoona Sheldon
- see James Tiptree, Jr.

Roy Sheldon
- see H. J. Campbell
- see E. C. Tubb

Miles Shelton
- see Don Wilcox

Michael Sherman
- see Robert W. Lowndes

Peter Michael Sherman
- see Robert W. Lowndes

Nelson Sherwood
- see Kenneth Bulmer

Ray P. Shotwell
- see Ray Cummings

Jan Siegel
- see Amanda Hemingway

Joseph Silva
- see Ron Goulart

Richard Silver
- see Kenneth Bulmer

Mark Simmons
- see Joe R. Landsdale

Jack Slade
- see Barry Cord
(Peter Germano)

John Slate
- see John Russel Fearn

Ray Slater
- see Joe R. Landsdale

John Sloan
- see T. W. Wade

Ralph W. Slone
- see Ralph Williams

Carmichael Smith
- see Cordweiner Smith

Ford Smith
- see Oscar J. Friend

Jan Smith
- see George H. Smith

John Allyn Smith
- see John Berryman

Julia Smith
- see Jonathan Wylie

Lawrence Smith
- see Sydney J. Bounds

Richard E. Smith
- see Richard R. Smith

Rosamond Smith
- see Joyce Carol Oates

Woodrow Wilson Smith
- see Henry Kuttner

Lemony Snicket
- see Daniel Handler

Gerald Sohl
- see Jerry Sohl

Jay Solo
- see Harlan Ellison

Bart Somers
- see Gardner F. Fox

S. P. Somtow
- see Somtow Sucharitkul

Nils O. Sonderlund
- see Jack Williamson

Clark South
- see Dwight V. Swain

Leonard Spalding
- see Ray Bradbury

Deutero Spartacus
- see Robert L. Fanthrope

Douglas Spaulding
Leonard Spaulding
- see Ray Bradbury

Leonard G. Spencer
- see Randall Garrett
- see Robert Silverberg

Alice Sprague
- see A. Orr

Carter Sprague
- see Sam Merwin

Blakely St. James
- see Charles Platt

David St. John
- see John Baxter

Philip St. John
- see Lester Del Rey

Sterner St. Paul
- see S. P. Meek

Geoffrey St. Reynard
- see Robert W. Krepps

Manny St. Vivant
- see Jerome Bixby

Trevor Staines
- see John Brunner

Marge Stanley
- see Stanley Weinbaum

Eric John Stark
- see Leigh Brackett

Henderson Starke
- see Kris Neville

John Starr
- see Roger Dee
- see Mary Elizabeth Councelman

Mark Starr
- see Gerard Klein

Vargo Statten
- see John Russell Fearn

A. R. Steber
- see Rog Phillips
- see Raymond A. Palmer

Addison E. Steele
- see Richard A. Lupoff

Morris J. Steele
- see Raymond A. Palmer

Con Steffanson
- see Ron Goulart

Jane Stemple
- see Jane Yolen

Reed Stephens
- see Stephen Donaldson

Brett Sterling
- see Edmond Hamilton
- see Ray Bradbury

Paul Frederick Stern
- see Paul Ernst

Felix Stevens
- see Jerome Bixby

John Stevens
- see E. C. Tubb

R. L. Stevens
- see Edward D. Hoch

Will Stewart
- see Jack Williamson

Charles Stoddard
- see Henry Kuttner

Abraham Stoker
- see Bram Stoker

Zachary Stone
- see Ken Follett

Richard Storey
- see Horace Gold

Mallory Storm
- see Paul W. Fairman

Russell Storm
- see Robert Moore Williams

H. Philip Stratford
- see Kenneth Bulmer

Thomas Stratton
- see Robert Coulson
- see Gene DeWeese

David Stringer
- see Keith Roberts

Albert Stroud
- see Algis Budrys

Hal Stryker
- see George H. Smith

Don A. Stuart
- see John W. Campbell

H. C. Stubbs
- see Hal Clement

Don Studebaker
- see Jon DeCles

Sean Mei Sullivan
- see Jerry Sohl

Vernon Sullivan
- see Boris Vian

Diana Summers
- see George H. Smith

Logan Swanson
- see Richard Matheson

Steven Swiniarski
- see S. Andrew Swann

John Swithen
- see Stephen King


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Our PERSONAL AWARDS (ratings) are highlighted in RED and PURPLE:
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These awards are given in the following categories:
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- series :
- novella :
- story :
- collection :

Also, there are our personal STYLE / GENRE SPECIFIC AWARDS. These reflect the story's content and the lasting impression on the reader:

--/ wonder award
sense-of-wonder, "visual intensity" and inventiveness

--/ idea award
originality of idea / concept

--/ adventure award
exhilarating plot, excitement / action

--/ style award
outstanding literary qualities, inimitable style

--/ romance award
intense and beautiful love / relationships

--/ humour award
funny and cool

--/ emotion award
touching, lasting impression, sensitivity

--/ shock value
altogether wild

--/ awesome scale
mind-boggling; further enhances sense-of-wonder

--/ rare find
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