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T - Other Writers

Cecilia Tan
"Touch Pain"
© IASFM, Feb 2002
--/ cool sf story

Charles R. Tanner
"Tumithak Of The Corridors"
© Amazing Stories, Jan 1932
--/ cool sf novella

Judith Tarr
"Piece De Resistance"
© IASFM, Apr 1986
--/ cool f story
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Peter Tate
"The Post-Mortem People"
(also as "Beyond the Weeds")
© New Worlds, Mar 1966
Seagulls Under Glass and Other Stories, 1975
--story: Best SF 1968 list

Lucy Taylor
© The Darker Side, ed. J. Pelan, 2002
--/ cool f story
--/ style award
--/ shock value


John Taine
"Twelve Eighty-Seven"
© Astounding Stories, May 1935
--/ cool sf story

Simply a future-warfare story... but considering the direction human history was going in 1935, this story carries a creepy premonition. The tank war (see illustration) and the bomber squadrons depicted in the story bear an uncanny resemblance to the ones from WWII, but also to their Cold War era variants. Such "dark military optimism" often appeared in the pre-war pulps, and was supposed to stir up patriotism, because the war in general needs as much patriotism, ideology and propaganda as it can possibly gobble up.


John Tayne
"The Ultimate Catalyst"
© Thrilling Wonder Stories, Jun 1939
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Grigori Temkin
"Korally Kaioblanko"
© Vokrug Sveta, 1979
Fantastika - 85, 1985
--/ cool sf novella

Grigori Temkin
"Shestoi Trofei"
© Vokrug Sveta, 1981

Grigori Temkin
"Zvezdny Eger"
© Vokrug Sveta, 1982
Mir Priklyucheniy, 1986
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find


William F. Temple
"Experiment in Genius"
© Tales of Wonder, Summer 1940
Future Stories, Nov 1951
--/ cool sf story

A classic among "genius mutants" stories. However, it failed to excite me and I do not see why it holds this "required reading" status. It was not the first story about "genius mutant children" and it's certainly not the best. For truly classic and exciting treatment of this idea see Japanese animated film "Akira", not to mention glorious stories by Henry Kuttner from the 30s.
review: 27-Dec-07 (read in 2007)


William F. Temple
"The Lunar Liliput" (nv)
© 1940, Tales Of Wonder
also in - Spaceway SF, 1955

William F. Temple
"A Niche in Time"
© Analog, May 1964
--story: Best SF 1965 list
--/ cool time / art sf story
--/ rare find

Vladimir Tendryakov
"Puteshestvie Dlinnoyu V Vek" (nv)
© Nauka I Zhizn, 1963
Severo-Zapadnoe Izdat, 1965
--/ cool sf novel

Emma Tennant
"The Crack"
© New Worlds Quarterly # 5, 1973
--/ cool sf story
--/ style award

Sheri S. Tepper
"The Gourmet"
© F&SF, Oct 1991
--/ cool f story

V. E. Thiessen
© Startling Stories, Autumn 1946
--/ cool space sf story
--/ rare find

V. E. Thiessen
"The Beast-Jewel of Mars"
© Planet Stories, Spr 1955
--/ fourth place space sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ adventure award
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Gilbert Thomas
© F&SF, Sep 1966
--story: Best SF 1968 list

Jeffrey Thomas
"The Flaying Season"
© Punktown, 2000
--short story : 2001 Locus /24
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ style award
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Scott Thomas
"Puppet and the Train"
© Cobwebs and Whispers, 2001
--short story : 2002 Locus Poll
--/ cool f story

Scott Thomas
"Strange Things About Birds"
© Cobwebs And Whispers, 2001
--short story : 2002 Locus Poll
--/ cool f story
--/ idea award
--/ shock value

Tedd Thomey
"The Frozen Twelve"
© Amazing Stories, Jul 1952

W. R. Thompson
"The Extremists"
© Analog, Jan 1987

W. R. Thompson
© Analog, Jun 1987

Robert Thurston
"Seed Planter"
© Chrysalis # 3, ed. R. Torgeson, 1978

Robert Thurston
© Chrysalis # 4, ed. R. Torgeson, 1979

Robert Thurston
© Clarion, ed. R. Wilson, 1971
--/ cool car sf story

John Tibbets
© Twilight Zone, Dec 1988
--/ cool f story
--/ wonder award

Lavie Tidhar
"The Dope Fiend"
© Sci Fiction, Dec 2005
--/ cool f story
--/ idea award

Mark W. Tiedemann
"The Disinterred"
© Sci Fiction, Feb 2002
--/ cool f story
--/ wonder award
--/ emotion award

Richard L. Tierney
"From Beyond The Stars"
© Night Chills, ed. K. McCauley, 1975
--/ cool sf novella

Lois Tilton
"A Just And Lasting Peace"
© F&SF, Oct 1991


Richard Tooker
"Zenith Rand: Planet Vigilante"
(Zenith Rand series)
© Mystery Adventure Stories, Jun 1936
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Zenith Rand was one of the first space adventure super-heroes, but he starred in an average quality series. Mostly appearing in saucy & spicy pulps, the adventures consisted of very straight-forward "damsel-in-distress" scenarios. But wait, there is more... some inspired, imaginative episodes: starring lusty race of satyr women, carnivorous plant growths, part-griffin part-dragon creatures, trees made of rock, sandstorms, desert planet bases, etc. It's certainly not Edgar R. Burroughs-style already, but not a "Thrilling Wonder Stories" yet.
review: 10-Jul-06 (read in 1988)


Robert E. Toomey, Jr.
"A Skip in Time"
© Amazing Stories, May 1970
russ. as "Mgnovenie Vechnost Berezhet"
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Don Tracy
"The Day to Come" (nv)
© Thrilling Wonder Stories, Nov 1940
--/ cool sf novel
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Tia V. Travis
"Down Here In The Garden"
© Horror Garage # 1, 2000
--short fiction : 2001 World Fantasy
--short story : 2001 Int. Horror Guild

--/ cool f story
--/ emotion award

Peter Tremayne
"Troll Night" (nv)
© 1987, NEL Books
--/ cool dark f novel

Vladimir Tretyakov
"Ya Ponyatno Govoryu?"
© Fantastika - 79, 1979
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ style award
--/ rare find

Thomas Tryon
"Harvest Home" (nv)
© 1973, Dell Books
--/ fourth place sf novel
--/ wonder award
--/ shock value


Marina Tsvetaeva
"Versty. Vol.1"
("Mileposts") (poems)

© written in 1916
Moscow, 1922
--/ emotion award
--/ style award

It was a time of universal turmoil, when governments were upturned and literary conventions shaken. In Russia it was a time of creative freedom, experimentation with form and modernization of content. Futurists, avangarde artists, intense intellectuals and aggressive simpletons contributed to the unbelievably varied and refreshing cultural life in Europe. The tragedy of communism loomed ahead, and many creative types felt it. Marina Tsvetaeva (one of the foremost poetic stylists, on par perhaps with Boris Pasternak) wrote beautiful and intense poetry, full of fantasy and surrealistic imagery - I am not sure how her works measure up in English translation, but in Russian it is a storm of pure, lightning-hot emotion... worthy to savour for any connoiseur of fiction "fantastique, strange".
review: 31-Jul-06 (read in 2002)


James Tucker
"The Man Who Lived in Kaleidoscope Glass"
© Other Worlds # 2, ed. R. Torgeson, 1980

Rev. Louis Tucker
"The Cubic City"
© Wonder Stories, Mar 1929
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Wilson Tucker
"The City In The Sea" (nv)
© Galaxy Novels, 1951
book: Holt Rineheart, 1951

Wilson Tucker
"Gentlemen, The Queen!"
© Science Fiction Quarterly, Fall 1942
--/ cool sf story
--/ adventure award
--/ rare find

Don Tumasonis
"The Prospect Cards"
© Dark Terrors 6, ed. S. Jones, 2002
--short form : 2003 Int. Horror Guild W
--/ cool dark f story

Megan Whalen Turner
"The Baby In The Night Deposit Box"
© Firebirds, ed. S. November, 2003
--short story : 2004 Locus Poll
--/ cool f story
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Karl Heinz Tushel
"Neprimetny Mr. Hine"
© NF - 18, 1977
trans. from German
--/ cool sf novella
--/ adventure award

Leonard Tushnett
"In Re Glover"
© Again, Dangerous Visions, 1972

Leonard Tushnett
"A Plague of Cars"
© New Dimensions # 1, 1970
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award

Leonard Tushnett
"A Practical Invention"
© F&SF, Jul 1972
trans. to Russian
--/ cool sf story

Leonard Tushnett
"Waves of Ecology"
© F&SF, Mar 1974
--/ cool car sf story
--/ idea: trees using cars for procreation

Kathy Tyers
"We Don't Do Weddings: The Band's Tale"
(Star Wars series)
© Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, 1991

V. Tzyganov
"Marsianskie Rasskazy"
© Fantastika - 73/74, 1974
--/ fourth place space sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ adventure award
--/ style award
--/ rare find


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