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P. D. Cacek
"A Book, By Its Cover"
© Shelf Life, ed. G. Ketter, 2002
--short story : 2003 Locus Poll
--/ cool f story

C. A. Cador
"Payment In Kind"
© Gnostika, Aug 1975

Jack Cady
© F&SF, Sep 2000
--short story : 2001 Locus Poll

Jack Cady
"The Sons of Noah"
© OMNI, Jan 1991
The Sons of Noah & Other Stories, 1992
--/ cool f story

Joed Cahill
"The Pleasure Age"
© Thrilling Wonder Stories, Feb 1947

Lee Cahn
© Astounding, Jan 1953
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award
--/ humour award
--/ rare find

Martin Caidin
"Aquarius Mission" (nv)
© 1978, Bantam Books
--/ fourth place sf novel
--/ wonder award
--/ adventure award

Martin Caidin
"Marooned" (nv)
© 1964, Dutton
russ. as "V Plenu Orbity"
--/ fourth place space sf novel
--/ adventure award

Richard Calder
"The Allure"
© Interzone, Oct 1990
--best of Interzone selection
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ shock value
--/ rare find

Richard Calder
© 1990, OMNI
also in - Interzone, 1989
--short story : 1990 Locus /23
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ style award
--/ wonder award
--/ shock value

John Scott Campbell
"Beyond Pluto"
© Wonder Stories, 1932
Fantastic Story, 1954

David Campton
"At the Bottom of the Garden"
© Armada Sci-Fi # 1, ed. R. Davis, 1975
also in - Whispers, Dec 1976
--/ fourth place dark f story
--/ idea award
--/ shock value

Jacqueline Carey
"Kushiel's Chosen" (nv)
(Kushiel 2)
© 2002, Tor Books
--fantasy novel : 2003 Locus /5

Ralph Carghill
"The Question"
© Fantastic Story, Aut 1952

Dennis R. Caro
© Chrysalis # 3, ed. R. Torgeson, 1978

Leonard Carpenter
"The Ebbing"
© Writers of the Future # 1, 1985
--Writers of the Future 1985 /2


Dr. Arch Carr
(with Carl Buchanan)
"Warriors of Eternity"
(Daniel Futrell series)
© Astounding Stories, Aug 1934
--/ cool sf novella

To make a long story short.... wait, you can't. Too many epic conflicts, each totally insignificant and uninteresting, melded into some kind of pulpish Katamari Damacy whole.


Carol Carr
© Orbit # 8, 1970
--/ cool sf story
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Carol Carr
"Look, You Think You've Got Troubles"
© Orbit # 5, 1969
--/ cool sf story

Bob Carrico
"Ex Logo Parentis"
© Analog, Feb 1983

Francis Carsac
"Begstvo Zemli" (nv)
"Terre en fuite"
© 1960, France
Begstvo Zemli, 1972
trans. from French
--/ cool sf novel
--/ wonder award
--/ awesome scale

Francis Carsac
"Lvy Eldorado" (nv)
© 1962, France
Begstvo Zemli, 1972
trans. from French


Paul Carter
"The Last Objective"
© Astounding, Aug 1946
--short story : Best SF selection
--/ cool apocalyptic sf story
--/ wonder award

Another apocalyptic scenario, and a curious one. The Earth's surface is destroyed by a previous conflict, so the warfare moved... into the planet's depths. The mole-like warships battle each other underground or circle on long patrols, not unlike nuclear subs during the Cold War. A gritty tale, this one sticks in the mind; the ending is all about self-sacrifice (one of the mole-ships develops a nuclear leak and has to be removed to a safe place where it blows up).
review: 28-Jul-06 (read in 1999)


Scott William Carter
"The Tiger in the Garden"
© IASFM, Jun 2006
--/ cool sf story

"A constable on a poor, out-of-the-way planet, is expecting a government Agent, an alien with unpleasant appearance and even worse personality. He is there to apprehend a terrorist..." Well, this story left me cold.
review: 23-Jul-06 (read in 2006)


Peter Cartur
"The Mist"
© F&SF, Sep 1952

James Causey
"The Gentle People"
© Spaceway, Nov 1955
--/ cool sf story


James Causey
© Science Stories, Apr 1954
--/ cool sf story
--/ emotion award
--/ rare find

This light-hearted story could easily have been a part of Ray Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles" (with some improvement in writing, of course). Same atmosphere of poetic, gentle race confronted with seemingly superior human military civilization. The ultimate (and poignant) triumph of art and humble virtues makes this story almost Christian in its values, not to mention totally rare. (Whoever heard of the "Science Stories" pulp??)


Susan Casper
"A Child of Darkness"
© Blood Is Not Enough, ed. E. Datlow, 1989
--/ cool f story

R. V. Cassil
"The War In The Air"
© 1952, Infinity Science Fiction

Hugh B. Cave
"From The Lower Deep"
(Lower Deep)
© Whispers # 2, 1979
The Lower Deep, 1990
--/ fourth place dark f story
--/ wonder award
--/ shock value

Narciso Ibanes Cerrador
"Vysokaya Missiya"
(also as "La Mission")
© 1967, Barselona
Trudnaya Zadacha, 1981
trans. from Spanish
--/ cool sf story
--/ humour award
--/ rare find

Perry A. Chapdelain
"Brood World Barbarian"
© IF, Sep 1969

Perry A. Chapdelain
"The Return of Prince John Israel Shaka"
© Pulsar # 2, ed. G. Hay, 1979

Perry A. Chapdelain
"Swampworld West" (nv)
© 1974, Shire / Coronet Books
--/ third place planetary sf novel
--/ wonder award
--/ adventure award


John L. Chapman
© Science Fiction Quarterly, Summer 1942
--/ cool time sf story

Average piece about time paradoxes: learn about yourself being dead in the future, and get a stroke in the present.
review: 07-Jul-06 (read in 2006)


Stepan Chapman
"The Comedian"
© The Ultimate Unknown, Win 1997
--short story : 2003 Locus Poll
--/ fourth place f story
--/ wonder award
--/ romance award
--/ shock value


Stephen Chapman
"Minutes of the Last Meeting"
© 1998, "Leviathan 2", ed. J. VanderMeer
--/ cool f novella
--/ wonder award

The Nuclear Age comes to the Imperial Russia just before the October Revolution. A great - even brilliant - idea, but could be better plotted and executed. As it is, this is an entertaining, but somewhat shallow read.


Graham Charnock
"The Erogenous Zone"
© New Worlds, Jul 1969

Robert R. Chase
© Analog, 1985
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ style award

Robert R. Chase
"The Figure Of Drosselmeyer"
© IASFM, 1997
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ style award

Yosef Cherna
"Peresadka Mozga"
© Biblioteka Sovr. Fantastiki, 1970
trans. from Hungarian
--/ cool sf story
--/ rare find

R. Chetwynd-Hayes
"The Cave"
© Tales From The Shadows, 1986
--/ fourth place sf story
--/ wonder award

R. Chetwynd-Hayes
"Long, Long Ago"
© Tales From The Shadows, 1986
--/ cool f story
--/ idea award

Frederik Chilander
"Sudebny Process"
© Zvet Nadezhd Zeleny, 1977
trans. from Swedish
--/ cool sf story

Richard Chwedyk
"The Measure Of All Things"
(Saurs series)
© F&SF, Jan 2001
--shortlist : 2002 Sturgeon
--novelette : 2002 Locus /13

--/ fourth place sf story
--/ idea award
--/ wonder award
--/ emotion award

John D. Clarke
"Minus Planet"
© Astounding Stories, 1935
--/ fourth place space sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award

John D. Clarke
"Space Blister"
© Astounding Stories, Aug 1937
--/ cool space sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award

Susanna Clarke
"Mr. Simonelli Or The Fairy Widower"
© Black Heart, Ivory Bones,
ed. E. Datlow, 2000

--novella : 2001 World Fantasy
--/ fourth place f novella
--/ wonder award
--/ style award

Susanna Clarke
"Tom Brightwind, or, How The Fairy
Bridge Were Build At Thoresby"
© Starlight # 3, ed. P. Hayden, 2001
--novelette : 2002 Locus Poll
--/ cool f story

Matthew Claxton
"Changing The Guard"
© Sci Fiction, Dec 2004
--short story : 2005 Locus Poll

P.E. Cleator
"Martian Madness"
© 1934, Wonder Stories
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award

Lucy Clifford
"The New Mother"
© 1882, Anyhow Stories
--/ fourth place dark f story
--/ idea award
--/ style award
--/ shock value

Mark Clifton
"Sense From Thought Divide"
© Astounding, Mar 1955
The SF of Mark Clifton, 1975

Mark Clifton
"The Conqueror"
(Mutants series)
© Astounding, Aug 1952

Mildred Clingerman
"Minister Without Portfolio"
© F&SF, Feb 1952
A Cupful Of Space, 1961
--/ cool sf story
--/ style award


Mildred Clingerman
"Winning Recipe"
© F&SF, Nov 1952
also in - Colliers, Nov 1952
A Cupful Of Space, 1961

Somehow comforting to know that magazine SF has expanded into house-wife type story. Very cozy and fifty-ish feeling.
review: 04-Jul-06 (read in 1986)


Brenda W. Clough
"May Be Some Time"
© Analog, Apr 2001
--novella : 2002 Hugo
--novella : 2002 Nebula
--novella : 2002 Locus /16
--novella : 2002 AnLab /5

John Clute
"The Disinheriting Party"
© New Worlds Quarterly # 5, 1973
--/ cool sf story
--/ style award

Robert Coates
"The Law"
© New Yorker, Nov 1947
The Mathematical Magpie, 1950

Robert Coates
"The Man Who Vanished"
© New Yorker, Oct 1955
--/ cool f story
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Adrian Cole
"Astral Stray"
(Voidal Series)
© 1978, Heroic Fantasy, ed. G. Page
--/ cool f story
--/ wonder award

Adrian Cole
© 1979, Space # 5, ed. R. Davis

Samuel T. Coleridge
"The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner"
© 1798, Lyrical Ballads
--/ third place f novella
--/ wonder award
--/ style award
--/ emotion award

Morrison F. Colladay
"Giant in the Earth"
© Wonder Stories, Apr 1933
--Groff Conklin's story selection
--/ fourth place apocalyptic sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea: melting mountains
--/ awesome scale
--/ rare find

Nancy A. Collins
"The Love of Monsters"
(Underworld series)
© Dark Destiny,1994
--/ cool dark f story
--/ idea award
--/ shock value

Michael Conner
"Extinction of Confidence,
the Exercise of Honesty"
© New Constellations, ed. T. Disch, 1976

June Consadine
"To Dream Of White Horses"
© Thicker Than Water, ed. G. Snell, 2001


Storm Constantine
"My Lady Of The Hearth"
(Magravandias Chronicles)
© Sirens, ed. E. Datlow 1998
The Thorn Boy, 2002
--/ fourth place f story
--/ wonder award
--/ emotion award
--/ shock value

The best story about feline females (in my opinion) gets the cat/human shape-changer theme a very distinct baroque treatment, written in style as Bloch might've written it, or Derleth. In other words, good candidate for "Weird Tales" pulp if there was one now.
review: 14-Jul-06 (read in 2004)


Storm Constantine
"The Time She Became"
© Zenith # 2, ed. D. Garnett, 1990
--/ second place sf story
--/ idea award
--/ wonder award
--/ style award

Rick Cook
© Analog, Jan 1987
--/ cool sf story

Tom Cool
"Universal Emulators"
© F&SF, Jul 1997

Lee Cooper
"An Error In Punctuation"
© Stellar # 3, 1977

William S. Corwin
"Block Party"
© Spaceway, Nov 1955
--/ cool sf story

Mary Elizabeth Counselman
"Kellerman's Eyepiece"
© Night Chills, Ed. K. McCauley, 1975
--/ cool f story
--/ wonder award: moon air creatures
--/ style award: letter exchange
--/ humour award
--/ rare find

Mary Elisabeth Councelman
"The Unwanted"
© Weird Tales, Jan 1951
--/ cool f story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award
--/ rare find

Richard Cowper
"The Custodians"
© F&SF, Oct 1975
The Custodians and Other Stories, 1976
--novella : 1976 Hugo
--novelette : 1976 Nebula
--novella : 1976 Locus /6

--/ cool sf novella


Richard Cowper
"The Hertford Manuscript"
© F&SF, Oct 1976
The Custodians and Other Stories, 1976
--short story : 1977 Locus /7

Some readers call it a loose sequel to "The Time Machine" by H. G. Wells. That's probably a long stretch, but it's still an excellent time-travel story, written in a smooth respectable British style. It deals with the Dark Ages and Black Plague period in history.
review: 26-Oct-06 (read in 1994)


Richard Cowper
"Out There Where the Big Ships Go"
© F&SF, Aug 1979
The Web of the Magi, 1980
--novelette : 1980 Locus /4
--/ cool sf story

Richard Cowper
"The Road To Corlay" (nv)
© 1978, Gollancz / Pan
--August Derleth Award (novel) : 1979 British Fantasy
--novel : 1980 Nebula
--sf novel : 1980 Locus /7
--novel : 1980 Balrog

--/ cool sf novel
--/ style award

Arthur J. Cox
"The Blight"
© Time To Come, ed. A. Derleth, 1954

Irwing E. Cox, Jr.
"Hole In The Sky"
© Time To Come, ed. A. Derleth, 1954

Irving E. Cox, Jr.
"Semantic Courtship"
© Science Fiction Adventures, July 1953

Irwing E. Cox, Jr.
"Too Many Worlds"
© Amazing Stories, Nov 1952

Sterling F. Cramer
"Death From Within"
© Wonder Stories, 1935
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ rare find

Robert Crane
"The Purple Fields"
© Star Science Fiction # 2, 1953

Charles Creighton
"A Day to Forget"
© Amazing Stories, Aug 1951
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ humour award


Ian Creasey
"The Edge of the Map"
© IASFM, Jun 2006
--/ cool sf story
--/ wonder award
--/ idea award

In a world, overrun with computerized nano-cameras, recording the whole sum of Earth events for the benefit of the blogging crowd and the news industry, only ONE place has been left out - not covered by the cameras. As you might expect, all mysterious and fantasy elements of our world are taking refuge there, and on top of that, the whole spot (called "The Weird") disappears with an act of observation, like a quantum entity governed by an "uncertainty principle". I loved this idea - one could make a glorious fantasy adventure out of it; but it gets under-developed and unexciting treatment in this story. It's really too bad. Michael Swanwick should collaborate on this idea with his stylistic flair, and a ghost of Henry Kuttner should supply an exciting plot.
review: 23-Jul-06 (read in 2006)


Wil Creveling
© IASFM, Sep 1982

James Cross
"The Doll House"
© 1967, Dangerous Visions
--/ cool f story
--/ idea award

Peter Crowther
© Gathering The Bones, ed. D. Etchinson, 2003
--short story : 2004 Locus Poll

Seamus Cullen
"Astra & Flondrix" (nv)
© 1976, Allen Lane / Penguin
--/ shock value

Jere Cunningham
"The Visitor" (nv)
© 1978, Coronet Books
--/ cool dark f novel
--/ style award
--/ shock value

Betsy Curtis
"Latter-Day Daniel"
© IF, Mar 1967

Jean-Louis Curtis
"Idei Na Prodazhu"
© Iskatel, 1978
trans. from French
--/ cool sf story


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